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on the road [jesse/ben]


[[Honestly, just drabble. Not sure why I wrote it, or why I’m posting it.]]

Someone had once told Jesse that he could do whatever he wanted and no one could stop him. The only problem was that he could still be hurt.

Maybe no one dared get close enough to harm him directly. But Claire, and Ben, they were fragile. His parents too. It was why he’d left them so long ago.

Jesse hadn’t ever gone back. He couldn’t.

Sometimes he thought about leaving Ben and Claire too. Hunters and demons would occasionally come after him, and Jesse was always worried that he’d get his friends caught up in his own trouble, but he couldn’t bear to be alone either.

There were times he could forget.

The nights when they were on the road were the best. Jesse would sit up front next to Ben while Claire slept sprawled out in the back seat. The soft sound of rock music drifted through the impala and only the stars lit their way as they drove down long stretches of road.

Jesse would curl onto his side, lean his head against the worn leather of the passenger seat, and just watch Ben. He looked so at peace, and even though Ben often gave Jesse crap for staring at any other time, on nights like these it didn’t seem to bother him.

Tonight, the window on Ben’s side is rolled down and the warm summer breeze rushes into the car and whirls around, dancing through Jesse’s hair and leaving the way it came. It feels nice, especially considering how hot it had been earlier in the day.

Jesse can make out the subtle curve of a smile on Ben’s lips in the dark of the car.

“What’re you lookin’ at, Jess?”

“Just you,” the corners of Jesse’s mouth tug up.

“Hey now, I know I’m real pretty,” Ben glances in his direction and winks. “But maybe you should get some sleep.”

“Not tired.”

He is tired, but he wants to stay up and watch over the other two. It was comforting to know they were still there. Still alive.

“Sure, Jess. Sure,” Ben quips.

Jesse just smiles wearily. “Hey Ben?”


“…. Thanks.”

“What for?”

“For lettin’ me stay all this time, with all the crap I bring along.”

Ben’s grin fades into a more serious expression. “Hey. We all got our own baggage. Don’t get all sappy on me.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Jesse smirks and leans over in the seat, planting a kiss on Ben’s cheek. “I’ll stop getting my feelings all over you.”

Ben laughed and gave him a playful shove. “You better, twerp.”

“M’older than you.” Jesse settles back against the seat, resting his cheek on the cool leather. 

But Ben only grunts in return. And Jesse smiles, unburdened by his powers, if just for the moment.

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Summer Heat [Jesse/Ben]


"It’s unbearable," Ben whines.

Jesse lets out a chuckle. “S’not that bad.”

Ben rolls his head to the side and half-heartedly glares at Jesse. “We’re both sweating buckets and you’re saying it’s not that bad?”

They’re sprawled out in the front and back seats of the Impala, all windows rolled down. Honestly, it’s probably not the best place to be with the sun beating down on the earth but it’s about as sweltering outside as it is in, so it hardly seems to matter.

Jesse sits up in the back seat, peeling himself from the sticky leather. “C’mon, let’s drive.”

"Nnn.. too hot."

"Don’t be such a baby, the wind will cool us down a little."

Ben sighs and turns the key in the ignition, adjusting his position to the driver’s side while Jesse clambers from the back to sit next to him.

They drive for a while with no real place in mind.

As the Impala barrels down a two-lane highway, Jesse scoots over in the seat and leans against Ben’s side. Ben automatically lifts his arm and drapes it around Jesse’s shoulders.

The wind is warm and barely helps to dry the sweat, but it’s better than sitting still.

"We should go to the ocean," Jesse muses over the wind and the rumble of the engine.

Without taking his eyes off the long stretch of road ahead of them, Ben wiggles his fingers in a familiar gesture and Jesse takes the cue, reaching up to hold Ben’s hand.

"Dude, we’re in the middle of the country. There’s no ocean around."

"I know," Jesse smiles wistfully. "But someday we should go."

It’s summer and he knows that everyone flocks to the nearest water source to escape the heat. Jesse wants to be one of those people for a day.

Just one day at the beach, no blood, no monsters.

They go where the jobs are, following the monsters and demons from town to town, and they really aren’t near the coasts that often. Time between isn’t usually long either. Even though the apocalypse came and went before either of them had hit puberty, there are always plenty of things to hunt.

The beach is a nice dream though. Not impossible, just not easy.

Jesse feels Ben’s fingers squeeze his hand. He tilts his head back onto Ben’s shoulder and meets his gaze.

"Okay, Jess," He smiles. "We’ll make time and head for the beach, I promise."

Jesse closes his eyes as Ben presses a kiss to his forehead.

"And I promise I’ll teach you how to surf."

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More like Aaron HOTchner, am I right?


this blog will make you laugh your ass off!


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Criminal Minds + looking down

requested by ohwolfed 

“'You go too far!' shouted Scrimgeour, standing up; Harry jumped
to his feet too. Scrimgeour limped toward Harry and jabbed him
hard in the chest with the point of his wand: It singed a hole in
Harry’s T-shirt like a lit cigarette.
‘Oi!’said Ron, jumping up and raising his own wand, but Harry
‘No! D’you want to give him an excuse to arrest us?’”

Whenever Harry Potter is threatened, Ron Weasley is the first one to jump up, whether it be on a broken leg to dare what he thought was a mass murderer or in defiance of the Minister of Magic himself. Good thing he’s not a good friend, though, huh? (via ohmissmorstan)

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